Baby Dragon-Tamer Harness Bodysuit

Baby Dragon-Tamer Harness Bodysuit

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Straight from the realm of Dragons, we bring you these brand new Dragon Tamer Harness bodysuits just in time for the cooler seasons here in Jackalope Land.

These bodysuits are worn in the winter by our Dragon Tamers while they ride and speak to the dragons up on the flaming mountain ranges. 

Made with a soft stretch lilac velvet that has then been handbeaded with individual sequins by our fire fairies up in the Volcanic Mountains to create gorgeous iridescent purple flame patterns over the front and back of the body. This bodysuit is more sparkly and magical than you can imagine and takes a week to make by hand. 

The bodysuit is backless and comes with an adjustable waist belt made from iridescent silver moon-python skin, and has adjustable leg harness straps. There is an iridescent choker around the neck, with a velvet button closure at the back that is soft and comfortable to wear. 


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