The Lunar Lorax Boots
The Lunar Lorax Boots
The Lunar Lorax Boots
The Lunar Lorax Boots

The Lunar Lorax Boots

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"How nice to meet someone so undeterred by things like reality"
- The Lorax (Dr Seuss)

Inspired by one of our favourite creatures in the world, The Lorax, these magical Truffular Tree boots have been made for all those ready to escape reality in style. 

Did you know that in Jackalope Land, we actually have Truffular Trees growing in our forests? The pompoms on these adorable boots actually come from naturally shed fluff from our amazing rainbow trees! 

The front of the shoes have all been rhinestoned by hand with iridescent crystals from our magical caves.

The boots are made made to order from soft iridescent sparkly bark that falls off the trees when they are ready to turn a new colour. Our tree fairies have actually perfected a method of softening the bark and turning them into a leather-like material that is perfect for long lasting shoes! The front part is made of a silver leather embossed with a snakeskin pattern, from an old moon python that unfortunately passed away during a meteor shower.

The best thing about these shoes is that, while they have a fabulous 8cm platform- the actual slope of the shoe is not too severe, meaning that you can wear these comfortable for hours on end.... or never take them off- its up to you!

These shoes are made to order to ensure they fit you perfectly.
Upon purchase of the shoes, we will send you a measurement form to fill out and our fairies will get to work crafting them for you.