The Crystal Cactus Deserts

The Crystal Cactus Desert is one of the most amazing areas of our mystical world. The deserts are made of phosphorescent rainbow crystal sands that have slowly been bleached under the suns heat to become a pastel rainbow, until you dig under the surface!

All of our cowgirls and cowboys out here ride around on giant rattlesnakes, and live inside of mystical glass bottles filled with rainbow sand- some of them even built sandcastles to live in. The most exciting part? Our underground ant hills- a complex series of tunnels and caves that house all the top secret raves and cowgirl parties of course!

Its basically Burning Man all year around here, and we can't wait for you to visit. In the meantime, we brought some of the most iconic pieces from the desert to your world so that you can experience a bit of the sparkle for yourself. 

A portion of the profits from the sale of this collection is donated to The Bail Project to help fight against racism.

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