Dragon Tears Crystal Corset

Dragon Tears Crystal Corset

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Did you know that when dragons cry their tears crystalize into iridescent gemstones? It is said that if you ever find a dragon tear, you will be able to understand dragons and eventually speak to them. 

These Dragon Tears Corsets have been made by our dragon tamers that live up with the dragons in the flaming mountain ranges and catch their tears as they fall... but don't worry- only happy tears crystalize! Our dragons are the happiest dragons, and they cry every time they see a pretty sunset... which is how we have ended up with so many dragon tear crystals. 

This corset base is made from black poly-satin with plastic boning. There are front closures so that you can get into your corset easily, and there is back lacing to allow you to lace it to the right shape. 

The corset is then beaded in naturally shed dragon scales, with little tulle frills on the side.