Dark Dreams Unicorn Cap
Dark Dreams Unicorn Cap

Dark Dreams Unicorn Cap

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This cap has been fully customized to embody everything beautiful about - it sparkles, shines, has a mermaid mane and a front panel of soft velvet. 
Covered in iridescent moon python skin (from one of the many moons of Jackalope Land), crystalised unicorn tears and flame coloured hand beaded mermaid scales- its sure to bring you all the dark magic a little unicorn could dream of. 

If you want the cap without the mane, just let us know upon purchase and we can make it happen. 
One size fits all.
Please be nice to your treasure!
This special piece of work is stitched with glass rainbow crystals- please be careful with your garment and do not drop it or crush it as the crystals can break upon strong impact.
You can always send your item back to Jackalope Land for mending at any time, but this incurs a repair fee.