Cupids Crush Shorts

Cupids Crush Shorts

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We have many fairies in Jackalope Land, all of them magical, and all of them unique.

There is one very special little fairy that lives in the crystal forests- and she is known to cast spells of love upon the other magical creatures, and was even the one to break cupids heart. She wears only pink and can be seen flitting about the clouds with her little pink gun shooting people with ecstasy when they least expect it. 

These shorts are made with soft pink stretch velvet, with little tutu frills on the sides made from pastel rainbow tulle. There is an elasticated waistband and a zipper closure. These shorts have been beaded by hand on the front and back with little iridescent hearts that catch the light and turn rainbow.

These shorts are owned and made by her and her team of love fairies, and it has been said that she weaves love potion into the little beaded hearts to bring love and ecstasy to the person who wears them... We cant be completely certain, but know that when one of our models tried them on, some strange things happened and nudity was involved...