Unicorn Whisperer Bra
Unicorn Whisperer Bra
Unicorn Whisperer Bra

Unicorn Whisperer Bra

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These hand beaded unicorn bras are made in the unicorn tribes north of Jackalope Land by our unicorn whisperers.
The whisperers grow up amongst the unicorns as children, and take on some of the powers of their unicorn. Each whisperer has one unicorn that she lives with- and it is up to the unicorn to choose its whisperer. 

These bras are made from a soft stretch scuba jersey, then hand beaded with small iridescent sequins, pearls, crystallized unicorn tears and have adjustable straps for a comfortable fit. 
Even better? 
Fun fact: although you can catch a unicorn, they are actually impossible to tame as they harness solar energy through their horns. 

The perfect thing to wear with our sequin lace front shorts for extra uni-power!

One Size (A-D)
The Unicorn measures approximately 16cm by 16cm so provides different amount of coverage on different bra sizes.
Model is a C cup.  
Please be nice to your treasure!
This special piece of work is stitched with glass rainbow crystals- please be careful with your garment and do not drop it or crush it as the crystals can break upon strong impact.
You can always send your item back to Jackalope Land for mending at any time, but this incurs a repair fee.