Once upon a time there lived a powerful mermaid spirit named Abyssia, who had protected the seas and its creatures since the beginning of time. Over the years, humans began to impact the oceans and their presence led to pollution and destruction within the once-beautiful waters.

One day, Abyssia made the difficult decision to split her soul into three parts so she could better defend the waters. 

Mariana guarded the deepest seas while Sungai protected the rivers, and Coralia inhabited the reefs and shorelines.

Each mermaid embodied a different part of Abyssia’s soul- Mariana embodied rebellion and fearlessness with her oil slick scales, while Sungai represented tranquility and intuition with her turquoise hues. Perched on her vibrant coral reef, Coralia, the pink mermaid, embodied the essence of love. Captivated by the world above, she found herself repeatedly falling in love with the humans, but never let go of her duty to protect the underwater realm from their harm.

Though the division of her soul left Abyssia feeling fragmented, these pieces of her remained powerful and fought together to protect their home.

However, despite their efforts, the oceans continued to deteriorate. Abyssia, witnessing the unstoppable contamination of the waters she called home, contemplated splitting her soul again. Yet, she knew the more she divided herself, the closer she came to becoming human and losing all her powers.

These hand-beaded pieces come from the underwater world of Abyssia’s and embody her magic. 

Each piece sold from our mermaid fairytale includes a donation to clean 5kg of trash from the oceans and river systems of Indonesia with local charity Sungai Watch. Be magic, do good. 

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