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Space Siren Spike Chest Harness

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Embrace your inner space punk mermaid with our handmade glow in the dark Spike Chest Harness, which can also be worn as a top with the lacing at the front! This piece is made for the cosmic mermaids of the oceans and infused with mermaid powers. Charge the top under blacklight or the sun to see the holographic PVC glow bright green in the dark.

This chest harness is handmade with holographic glow UV reactive TPU, with silver holographic straps and has been embellished with custom metal rainbow and silver spikes and hardware. It is also great for anyone who is socially awkward and doesn't want people to hug them for fear of being impaled. 

This piece is very adjustable with both corset lacing and a belts, so is one size fits all. If you are worried about fit- feel free to email us! 

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Color: Holographic
Color: Holographic

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