The Rhine-stoner Cowgirl Hat
The Rhine-stoner Cowgirl Hat
The Rhine-stoner Cowgirl Hat
The Rhine-stoner Cowgirl Hat

The Rhine-stoner Cowgirl Hat

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Absolutely encrusted in crystals, this cute little cowgirl hat is a made to order piece of wearable art inspired by the Crystal Cactus Deserts of Jackalope Land- home to our Desert dwelling creatures.
The Crystal Cactus Desert is one of the most amazing areas of our mystical world. The deserts are made of phosphorescent rainbow crystal sands that have slowly been bleached under the suns heat to become a pastel rainbow, until you dig under the surface! All of our cowgirls and cowboys out here ride around on giant rattlesnakes, and live inside of mystical glass bottles filled with rainbow sand- some of them even built sandcastles to live in. The most exciting part? Our underground ant hills- a complex series of tunnels and caves that house all the top secret raves and cowgirl parties of course! Its basically Burning Man all year around here, and we can't wait for you to visit. In the meantime, we brought some of the most iconic pieces from the desert to your world so that you can experience a bit of the sparkle for yourself. 
This beautiful hat is made from a stiffened felt base, with different coloured AB rhinestones placed all over it to create a beautiful western inspired motif around the edges.

The front has an eye catching rhinestone motif, with crystal pieces and all the glitz and glamour a lil cowbabe deserves!

The entire underside has also been hand embellished in a mix of gorgeous AB rhinestones, with high quality tassel trim detail on the sides of the hat as well.
This hat is truly a piece of wearable art, taking over 30 hours to create by hand. Yep- each of those tiny rhinestones?
Those are placed on one by one by one by one, that's how extra you deserve to be!

No two hats are the exactly the same and will have slight variations, as our Fiesty Cowgirl crafters from that live in the Crystal Cactus Deserts of Jackalope Land believe in uniqueness :)
There is only one you- so there is only one hat just like yours!
If you want the same rhinestone detailing but on a different colour base, just select your preferred colour at checkout.
Hat Sizing:
These hats are flexible due to an elasticated trim on the inside. 
S/M : 21"-22.5" Head Circumference 
L/XL: 23"- 24" Head Circumference
If you tend to wear wigs or prefer a looser hat, make sure to keep that in mind when choosing size.
All the best things in life are worth waiting for, right?
Well, our wonderful little Jackalopes work very hard to spread the sparkle into the world as quickly as possible- but as all of our items are totally handmade and ornate. This piece is made to order so you have to wait 2-3 weeks for your item to be made and ready to ship.
Usually it is a lot sooner than this but if this is a problem or you need a rush order, just send us a message and one of our mythical creatures will get back to you as soon as they can.
Please be nice to your treasure!
This special piece of work is stitched with glass rainbow crystals- please be careful with your garment and do not drop it or crush it as the crystals can break upon strong impact.
Unfortunately we cannot take returns or refunds on this piece.